Garcon raids combine…

February 29, 2008

A great story that didn’t get touched on all that much at the NFL combine this weekend, was the top rate athlete’s that were there from small schools.  Pierre Garcon from Mount Union College in Alliance Ohio, was from the smallest school of all. 


Garcon, the all-time leader in receptions for the Purple Raiders, put up some great numbers together.   He put up 20 reps of 225, a 36.5 inch vertical, 10.5 in the long jump and a 4.49 in the 20 yard shuttle.  What that does for him is put him in the top 10 in just about every category in his position.

Garcon shows good speed agility and size, standing at 6 feet, 210 pounds.  He’s been part of a great winning program, and all you have to do is bring up any Mount Union game from the past four years and you’ll see that he makes plays as well. Still don’t believe me, check out this punt return…

Best of luck Pierre, we are all pulling for you.  Hey the Browns could use another good WR.


Brady, Brady, Brady…

February 29, 2008

As of right now the Browns don’t have a deal done with Pro-Bowl quarterback Derek Anderson.  It appears that Browns GM Phil Savage has a 3 year, 20 million dollar offer on the table to the Anderson camp.  If DA’s team turns it down, he’ll go out into the free agent pool.  Take the deal Derek.


From there, Anderson can take the deal or work a deal.  The Orange and Brown Review reported that there is definately one team that is willing to give up both a first and third round pick for Anderson.  The team hasn’t been revealed yet, but speculation is that its Carolina. That would make since considering they just released David Carr and the current state of Jake Delhome.  Anderson, could tender a friendlier deal considering he could be a starter there.


Negotiations will continue through the day and well into the night.  One can speculate that while the Browns would hate to see them go, but they do have their 2007 #1 pick Brady Quinn waiting in the wings.  Its not totally out of the realm of reality, that the rest of the front office would  push for Quinn to get between the white lines quickly.  A similar situation just happened in Oakland with JaMarcus Russell.

Surely, the Dawg Pound will be all ears..

Rock-A-Fella center?

February 29, 2008

“The industry is shady, it needs to be taken over…”

Unfortunately, rap mogul Jay-Z didn’t specify which industry he was talking about.  Its safe to assume he meant the rap industry, but what about the NBA?  Frankly Sports recently covered the trade that the Cleveland Cavaliars did before the trading deadline to move half their active roster so that LeBron James could have a cast to make a run at a title.  The real question is, can it be enough for LBJ to stay in Cleveland in a couple of years if there still isn’t any title ? Or will the “Roc” come calling?

jay_z_umvd002.jpg        wascle_080222_007.jpg

Feeding into this story is the relationship with Nets partial owner, Jay-Z.  Hov has been a good friend of Flight #23 since before he was in the league.  James has surrounded himself with people that will help him to become a world-wide icon.  James has aspirations of becoming the first billionare athlete. Currently, LeBron is sponsored by Nike, Sprite, Bubblicious and Cub Cadet. From there he has reached out to Bershire Hathoway CEO Warren Buffet to discuss his business endeavors and give him advice for long term success.  At the end of the day though its the American Gangster that he relies on most. Jay hasn’t been shy when it comes to saying how he feels about James coming to the Nets.  Who are in the midst of trying to work a deal for a new arena in Brooklyn.  Currently that has been met head on by the league and the people of New York and the Nets are still working on approvals.

Then there is the supposed “market clause” in LeBron’s Nike contract.  Stating that he’ll make even more money if he’s in any of the three major markest of New York, Chicago or Los Angeles.  Not to mention the constant flirtation there by wearing a Yankees cap and playing in the Rucker Park tournament a few times on Jay’s team.

What pains Clevelander’s the most is that it digs deep into their psyche.  More often then not, Cleveland teams have landed potential huge stars in any of their sports.  From that point on, the clock ticks until they deal them away due to being a smaller market.  Then almost always, said player grows into super stardom.  This goes all the way back to Rocky Colovito. We also know that LeBron fell into the trend of signing a slightly more team friendly 3 year deal.  Only to still hold the trump card because after that the Cavs will basically have to pay him the max dollars and rename the city LeBronland.  If not, off he’ll go in the deal of the century.  Sad we know.  Especially because he’s a hometown boy that everyone loves.  It hurts us everyday we see our King James walk the streets, be on TRL, show up on the red carpet, Indians game, or in his front yard with a Yankees cap.  Why can’t you just love us for who we are, and stay forever. 

Unfortunately, that probably isn’t realistic.  Clevelanders need to hope that the new Cavs team can have success and quickly.  That LeBron can see that we’ve done everything to keep him.  Have Danny Ferry and Dan Gilbert give him enough money to not handcuff the team, and then pray.

If not, 2010 could really make Cleveland “Fade To Black…”

What to watch…

February 28, 2008

Tonight could be a busy night…Not for the faint of heart who might not know how to use the recall button

7:00 ESPN-  Notre Dame @ Louisville-Domers looking to prove they can win tight games against tough teams away from the friendly confines of home. Pitino’s crew has the edge in talent

7:00 ESPN2- St.Louis @ St. Joseph’s-loser has to change their name to just Louis or Joseph

8:00 TNT- Mavs @ Spurs-New look Mavs looking to show off against the Spurs who are quietly having a great year.

9:00 ABC- LOST-The best show on TV, barnone.

9:00 Discovery-Mega-Tsunami’s-no its not about that chic or dude you made a mistake with in college.

9:00 ESPN-USC @ Arizona-Athlete’s, everywhere.  Check out O.J. Mayo, he’s good.

9:00 ESPN2-Michigan St @ Wisconsin-Badgers trying to solidify a lead in the Big 10.

10:00 ESPN-Sportscenter-Just in case you missed anything.

Death to morning people…

February 28, 2008

Ok, this has bothered me for a long time.  What’s up with morning people?  They are astonished when they find out that there are people in the world that aren’t like them.  Whatdo  you  mean your not totally addicted to low fat, non-fat, double shot, mocha, vanilla, frappuccino’s?  How do you live?  Rrrriiiiggghhtt.


If your like me, you just take a little time to get warmed up. If someone says good morning, I’ll very happily send a good morning back to them, however if its not up to their standards of voice inflection, I’m automatically dubbed grumpy and an non-morning person. Ridiculous.  Perhaps, I just enjoy sleep, and would like to live as long as possible and not digest any additional empty calories then I already do.  Yeah, that’s it, I’m just a health conscious guy. Science has connected the amount of sleep you get to how long you live.  So, since I’m a god fearing man, who wants to live to be 110, I get my 8 hours as best as I can.

Someone even had the stones to indict my college life.  They said, “how did you ever get through college?”  Then followed it up with,”You must not have done much in college, because what student isn’t sleep deprived and drinks coffee?” So in response to this, I’m going to allow my friends to stick up for me here. While I may not have been Van Wilder, I certainly tear it up. The person that said this, has also said that they won’t watch Anchorman because its “to crass.”  Crass?  I think my 87 year old grandpa doesn’t even use that word.  This from the townie that barely knows the state geography, and only leaves to visit her boyfriend.

So what I’m saying is, how about we just “live and let live.” What if everytime I saw someone drinking coffee, I said, “Oh my gosh, you drink coffee? I heard that Hitler used to drink coffee before he turned the ovens on.”  Do you think people would stop?  No, they’d probably just continue to call me creative names like: Oscar the Grouch, poopie pants, and Grumps McGrumperson.

My best work is done after 11 a.m.  I’m a night owl, who loves to sleep in.  So, while I’m staying up to watch that game winning drive, The Godfather II, or reruns of Real World, your probably asleep, getting ready to wake up with the sun and annoy the world with your chippiness. Just remember this, your very annoying, people can only take you in small doses, and If most people had a chance to, they’d shove your 72 oz. Starbucks mug down your throat…

Now I need a nap…

Classin’ it up part two…

February 28, 2008

As the Frank-ly Sports blog continues to evolve and crash in to unchartered territory, we can’t be afraid to ask for help(insert sappy music here).

So, to paraphrase the Beatles, we be getting “a little help from my friends…”

I have enlisted the help of a childhood friend of mine, who is actually a journalist.  He currently is working for a newspaper in Ohio, and has done such for about 9 months.  His has worked is way up through the ranks to finally receive a column there.  Like all of us who frequent FS, he loves sports.  So from time to time I have asked him to submit some “op ed’s” for us.  I hope you welcome him to our world. Oh and guys, go easy on him at first, let him get his feet wet before you drop the hammer. 

I’m expecting his first submission in the next few weeks.  Hopefully you enjoy it!

What to watch-Because its 9 degrees out…

February 27, 2008

7:30 Fox Sports Ohio- Cleveland @ Boston-Could be a play off match up preview. New look Cavs looking for some synergies

8:00 AMC-Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon-Come on really, its Bruce F@#$ing Lee man, just watch it

9:00 ESPN-Ga.Tech @ Duke-Dukies looking to make some headway after all the shake ups this week

9:00 ESPN2-West Virginia @ DePaul-Hopefully huggie Bear will wear another ugly yellow suit. WVU is battling for a tourney invite.

 10:00 Discovery-Smash Lab-A great life long friend of mine is working on this show.  Think Mythbusters, only on steroids, and without the hokie dude hosts.  When was the last time the Mythbuster guys tried to hurricane proof a house. Smash lab did, by backing up a Boeing 747 to their model and blowing it over.  Watch it, you’ll love it.

10:00 AMC-Karate Kid-Ok, so if your not into enriching yourself on the scientific level, classic karate story has your name on it Danielson…