Oh Canada…

June 29, 2008

So in my travels I caught a small part of ESPN SportsCenter at an airport bar.  As the bartender gave me my second Sam Adams Summer Ale, I heard one of the ESPN anchors talking about Canada and the NFL.  Allegedly, Canada has a bill going through its government that will prohibit the NFL from scheduling games in the country.  Huh?  This coming after the Buffalo Bills have renewed their schedule to play two games in Canada.  So did the NFL not get the memo?

The government and the CFL are hoping to pass the bill as they are worried that the NFL’s scheduling of games in their cities, will kill the attendance of the CFL games and hurt the teams.  OK, let’s get a grip.  Of course it will.  The shield is the best league on Earth.  Its a money making machine, hell bent on making more money and showcasing the best talent in the world.  But hey, let’s get off the bus on that, and not sell out our sporting venue’s?

In 2007, the CFL reached an attendance high averaging 29,167 a game.  The NFL, 66,586.  Now I’m sure most of the venues are larger, but I think you see my point.  So, I say, ok, we aren’t going to come.  We’ll just play more games in Mexico, London, Germany etc, and leave you out of this.  Great neighbor huh…Your officially the guy that doesn’t snow blow the sidewalks even though you own a snow blower, your officially the guy who won’t help you if your struggling with a task in your yard, your the guy that says no if I go on vacation and ask you to pick up my mail. 

Do we have to tell America Junior that they are losing money on this deal, and that their natives want the NFL there.  What are you thinking Canada?