Help Wanted…

June 2, 2008

I’m sure I’m not the only one out there, but lately I’ve been in a funk.  My usual hot and heavy love affair with the sports world is really getting ice cold. I actually made the comment to my wife the other day that I honestly don’t feel right because I don’t really know what has been going on in the sports world for the past few weeks.  This is mainly because of my lack of interest.  So here’s the deal, I’m going to sing like a parakeet about why I’m unhappy, and I need you the readers of Frank-ly Sports to help life my spirits again and give me something to watch, or at least DVR.  Don’t worry, I’m mostly blaming the NBA.

My new early morning running routine has really been killing my usual early AM Sportscenter watching.  Typically, I have a 6 am wake up call, I do the 3-S’, iron my clothes and get dressed, then pop a squat in front of the tube for about 15 minutes or so for the Local on the 8’s and the beginning of the 7 am Sportscenter.  Then I make my  lunch(Sportscenter is still on), kiss my beautiful wife, and get out the door.  Where usually I listen to ESPN radio for about half of my 45 minute commute to work.  Now since I’ve traded my usual evening run for my early am run, I really have been missing the ESPN time. Why the change you say, well I found that I was more likely to skip my evening runs due to weariness from the day, dinner, and house stuff.  Since I have to get up anyway to go to work, that time in the morning is now used to stretch and get ready for my run. I have always been a runner.  In high school I ran for sports all the time, in and out of season.  In college I ran so that I didn’t gain the freshmen 15 and could stay in shape and work off hangovers.  So, don’t think this trade off is anything new to me. I’m not hardcore like my cousin who runs like a gazillion miles a week for Iron Man training.  I do it to stay in shape, eat what I want, and to challenge myself to a few competition runs a year. I’m really starting to believe this New Balance commercial.  Who happens to be my running shoe of choice

Oh the Guilt…

No please don’t get this twisted.  I’m not going to hate sports, I’m just finding a hard time getting my TLC with them.  Next there is the cheating.  Which has become so constant, that nothing surprises me.  Everyday there is someone at work talking about the latest and greatest in sports cheating.  The public has been clubbed over the head with it as much as possible.  I’m sick of it, and would like it to stop.  Yes, I know as athletes, its part of your job to get an advantage.  It starts as simple as stealing the signs from second base, to some mud on your cap, to tipping off a formation.  From there we have gone to synthetic drugs, tapping practices, dodging drug tests, gambling among others.  I’m sure all of these have always been present, leagues have been turning a blind eye, and the public is nieve, but its made me extremely jaded.  Even if I do get to tune into “Top Plays” in the morning, and I watch some tubby second basemen hit an upper deck opo-shot, I think, “dude’s on the juice…” Sad I know, but true.

Next is the NBA.  I will openly admit that I find college basketball much more entertaining.  My favorite team, the Cleveland Cavs ripped my heart out by teasing me the entire time in the play offs.  In a town desperate for a winner, the Cavs have really given us a shot, courtesy of one Mr. LeBron James.  That is pretty much it.  I have no desire to watch one-on-one basketball, in a league that can’t defend the pick and roll.  Almost every game looks and feels the same.  Now there is a great story right now with the Lakers and Celtics rekindling the past great match ups, and I’m hoping that when it kicks off on Thursday, I’ll be amped up to watch.  Alas, I am already sick of the commercials, and keep thinking, “Of course the NBA wanted LA and Boston in the finals, it will make them the most money…” 

Believe it or not, I’ve gotten so disgusted with the play of the Indians, I haven’t watched them in a month!  My wife knows that this is unheard of for me.  I usually watch them just about every night for a little while.  The AL Central is a mess, and the Indians are close to getting Cubs syndrome(there is always next year).

I am kind of excited about the College Word Series though…

All that being said, the wind is really out of my sails.  Its even caused me to go into a slump in my Tuesday softball league. So I’m turning to my readers to help me get that love spark going again.   I need something fresh and new to look into sports wise that can give me the eye of the Tiger again.