Phelps and Coughlin dominate the pool…

Last night Michael Phelps re-wrote the record books.  Phelps finished up his marathon swim meet to go eight-for-eight in gold medals beating Mark Spitz for the record number of golds. WOW.  Eight gold medals, are you kidding me?  Phelps was  apart of the mens 4×100 IM team last night to help him cap it all off.  In most sporting events, he needed a little help from his friends.  Jason Lezak got the hand off of the final leg of the race with a small lead.  Phelps was forced to sit and watch Lezak hold off the rest of the field.  So is Phelps’ feat the greatest of all time?  Its certainly close(anyone see another article coming?).

The great thing about Phelps is that he can keep things in perspective.  He commented on that there was no way he could have broken the Spitz record without his teammates.  His best comment came to Bob Costas later when he said that before the games he had thought about it a lot, and that this proves you can do anything that you put your mind to.  What a great example for kids these days.  He carried himself at these games like a professional, giving credit where credit is due, and allowing himself to enjoy the moment.  Congrats Michael, your now a huge part of the sports history world.  I’m glad that I was able to watch every race.

Not to be out done, the ladies have been kicking but as well.  One smaller story is that womens swimmer Natalie Coughlin is now the most decorated women in US history with 6 medals in this games.  Coughlin’s haul: gold in the 100m back, silver in the 4×100 free relay, 4×200 free relay and 4×100 medlay and bronze in the 100m free and 200m IM.  Coughlin has been impressive, but probably picked the worst year to have a great Olympics.  I’m yet to see anyone cover Couglin’s feat for US womens swimming, other then a small mention by Andrea Cramer after the 4×100 relay.  Either way, she is worth mentioning.  Coughlin has anchored the womens team throughout and has done so with grace and style.  So, we at Frank-ly Sports would like to say CONGRATS to Natalie, you go girl!

Athletes like Phelps and Coughlin make you have faith that there are still some athletes that aren’t self centered and after the buck.  Phelps and Coughlin are always open for interviews, spend as much time as people need, smile, and have a great time.  Its certainly refreshing to see.  Thanks guys.


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