What to watch while LOST is on a 2 week break

March 9, 2009

What are we gonna do?  In my humble opinion, the best show on T.V. is LOST.  LOST will be going on a 2 week vacation and leaving me at a loss for what to watch on television as we all wait for March Madness.  Don’t worry, Frank-ly Sports is here to help.


The Untouchables 6pm AMC-“It’s the Chicago Way.”  Don’t be a d-bag, DVR it if you have to, but just watch it.

Castle 10pm on ABC-whitty novel writer teams up with city cop to help with research of his next novel.  Nathan Fillion seems to be  a pretty funny guy, as I heard him on the radio stumping for the show today.  It doesn’t look as serious as Law & Order, but people need laughs these days.

Conference Tournaments on ESPN-The Southern, Colonial, West Coast, and Metro-Atlantic conferences are looking to get their tickets punched


World Baseball Classic on ESPN 6pm-If you really need a baseball fix, go for it.  I have had  alot of fun watching the Asian teams go at it, there really are some great players there.  The Dominican Republic and Cuban teams are loaded with talent.


American Idol-This show has really fallen off for me, but people tell me that this has been really close so far, but is taking way to long.  Go ahead and get girlie and indulge.

Big East Tournament 2nd round game-ESPN has it on both networks.  This is the best conference in college hoops. It could give you the edge in your office pool

Jurassic Park III on TNT-C’mon, friggin’ dinosaurs are awesome!


Lakers vs. Spurs 8 pm on TNT-Kobe is making an MVP statement, and the beat up Spurs are riding a Tony Parker wave.  Either way, its sure to be a good one.


Dirty Jobs-always entertaining, always disgusting, always enriching.

ACC tournament on ESPN 2-I’m probably going to watch a little to find out who else can win in this conference that isn’t named North Carolina