Transformers-Revenge Of The Fallen

June 30, 2009

3523157688_6e3f82a9a5Just another kick butt Transformers movie.  I decided that I’d hook up with some buddies at our local movie theatre and see the highly anticipated Tranformers Revenge of the Fallen  flick.  Boy was I glad I did.

ROTF is wall to wall action.  It is visually stunning with all of the CG that Michael Bay put into each shot with the Autobots and the Decepticons.  From the main character Sam Witwicky’s house, to his college dorm, to Shanghai, China, Bay’s ability to set up a shot really shined in this film.  Many reviews that I have read talked about how crappy the overall piece is, and I think they are mistaken.  Here are a few things that really impressed me about ROTF:

-The Autobot characters are bigger and badder then ever.  Bay introduced several newbies that payed homage to the Transformers cartoons of old, but had a new spin to them.  My favorite new character was Sideswipe, who was the new Corvette Stingray(Wow by the way).  Swipe had attitude and speed, but unfortunately, we didn’t get enough of him.  You could tell a little bit that merch sales might have had a say in who’s rolls were the biggest, because we saw a lot of Bumblee and Optimus.  Bay also brings to life Arcee, the three female motorcycle Autobots.  There is a nice chase scene with Sideswipe and Arcee chasing a Decepticon in China, that has the girls of Arcee riding on one wheel peppering their enemy with machine gun fire.  You gotta love that.  There is also the Twins that provide some nice slapstick humor, but get plunged into action Autobot style toward the end of the movie.  I think that I would have liked to hear a little bit more from the new and old Autobots.  Ratchet and Ironhide play big rolls, but there isn’t as much talking from them.

-The Decepticons are bigger and badder then ever.  I’ll say this, the Decepticons dole out some serious ass beatings to the humans.  The give equal the amount of punishment to the Autobots, including one extremely well placed sword blow.  I think the coolest blast from the past is Ravage, the Decepticon dog.  Ravage helps set traps and do recon and is 100% mean.  It was cool to see Bay’s interpretation of him.  Devastator makes an appearance, and just watching him get assembled was awesome.    It was almost to fast in the movie, but it was a real production.    Megatron does his thing, but has several funny lines insulting Starscream, just as he does in the cartoon.  As for The Fallen, well he hammer’s people.

-As for the storyline, its not nearly as bad as everyone says it is.  I think Bay pulls it together nicely, but gives the people what they want. Ultimately, the robots are on display, and his ability to have them shape change and battle are what people go to see.  If your going to see this movie for anything else but that, you might be let down.  The plot fits the action perfectly, but its not as robust as your typical movie drama.  He does give both human and robots some classic lines, with more humor then the first movie.Michael Bay has never been a guy that is gonna give you a Goodfella’s type script, but he’s going to massage the script to the action and make it fit. I believe that he accomplishes this nicely.

So why go and see Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen?  Wall to wall action, stunning visuals and special effects.  Megan Fox and Shia Labeouf don’t hurt either.  Go and see the movie to plug into your youth and remember what an awesome cartoon Transformers was.  I fits nicely next to the first movie and definitely out does its action. Just go because, well, it’s more then meets the eye…

Roll out!


Indians pitching staff

June 19, 2009

wahooAbsolutely disgust me…

Last in the league in ERA, leading the league in walks given up.  Hmm, me think’s that is a problem…

Play offs missing something

June 10, 2009

To me its really obvious, but it might not be for everyone else. I gotta say, seeing the Ehlo shot hurts, but I miss the guy…

NBA Game 1

June 4, 2009

Sorry folks, I’m taking the Lakers.  Dwight Howard is gonna get his points, I certainly don’t think that Andrew Bynum can stop him.  Phil Jackson is gonna run A LOT of bodies at him, and use up fouls.  Even if Jameer Nelson plays, he probably won’t be as effective as he’s been in the past against the Lakers.

I think this series comes down to defense and rebounding.  Bynum must put a body on Howard constantly and do his best to hold on.  I wouldn’t be asking Andrew to look for points very much in this series.  Just rebound and play defense buddy.  Let Gasol, Odom and Kobe do the work on offense. 

The Lamar Odom and Rashard Lewis matchup should really be a nice one. Both players are similar, but Odom plays with his back to the basket more.  Will that increased physicality hurt Lewis’ enegery on the offensive end?

Then there is Kobe.  The NBA’s best closer.  The guy is on a mission to cap off his season and solidify his legacy as an NBA champion.  Its been a long time coming for Bryant, who hasn’t won a championship since the Diesel left.  If that continues to happen, people will always talk about the missing link.

My prediction:  Lakers in 6

Grady Sizemore

June 3, 2009

I was reading today that Sizemore’s elbow might need to be scraped out if it doesn’t get better in the next few weeks with rest. That would mean 4-6 on the DL…Not good for Cleveland Indians fans.– look for news here…