Frank and Fletch are two men who love sports.  Most of all we have known eachother since we were kids and love to talk about sports.  Sometimes differing in opinion, other times not. We’ve been able to finally come together on a project that allows us to pose as experts and fling into the world our views on sports, life and everything in between…Uh, ok, mostly just sports.

We look forward to your comments, and encourage a good scrap.


4 Responses to About

  1. cogsy says:

    I’ll put you on my blogroll when I’m on yours. So there.

  2. eboatwr says:

    How ’bout Bama?!

  3. matt klempay says:

    John and Josh,

    Came across your webpage while searching for Medders. Such a sad story. God bless his family, and wow, what a strange way to find you.

  4. John Ross says:

    Thanks for the words about Mike Medders. It is great to see the lives he touched. It was tragic to lose my friend, but it is nice to see he is still bringing people together. Great website!

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