Turkey Day

November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. 

I ate to much and it is sure to be painful later.  Oh well, I guess I can get some new pants out of it!



Cleveland is burning

October 1, 2009

So it was a tough day for my favorite town yesterday.

The Indians put a cap on a horrific season by firing Eric Wedge. Then they told him to finish out the season?

Eric Mangini continues to show that he can’t manage and doesn’t have a plan for the Cleveland Browns by giving the starting job to Derek Anderson, and then telling him not to turn the ball over.

Delonte West hasn’t shown up for camp yet and people are starting to get worried. The Cavs will be hurting badly if he’s gone for any reason.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the lineup that a lame-duck Wedge will put on the field against Boston this weekend.

Barack on campus

April 17, 2009

Last month it was well documented that the University of Notre Dame invited President Barack Obama to speak at their graduation commencement ceremony on May 17th. Presidential commencement speeches happen every year, but this year it was a little different.  This year, President Obama said yes, and religion that the University rests its laurels on spoke up, and spoke up indeed.

Several prominent Catholic spokespeople have cried out against the invite of the president.  Most speaking to the fact that Mr. Obama’s political platform doesn’t correlate with that of the conservative view of the Catholic religion and Notre Dame.  That his views on abortion and stem cell research set the wrong example for the graduating students.  Some are even asking that the Domers recognition as a Catholic university get revoked.

While I can see the point that the good folks of the Catholic faith are trying to make, I think that perhaps they should take a step back on this one.  Yes, its true, the conservative views and President Obama’s do not match up. However, he’s still the President of the United States of America and you need to respect that.  I’m sure that he’s not going to stand up there and stump about the rights and wrongs of abortion, he could, but he won’t.  One would imagine that he’ll talk about being open to new ideas and breaking through barriers, just as he’s trying to do in politics, and has already done with race.  I think that this is much to do about nothing.

Some students have come out and said they are excited about Obama’s speech as its not everyday you get to see the President.  That they are more worried that the protesters will make a spectacle of the day, rather then have it be part of a showcase of their day, of their hard work, and tears for the extremely important accomplishment they have achieved.  In the student newspaper it was 70/30 for the President.  In letters from the alumni, it was about 50/50 some Notre Dame websites reported.

I think the bottom line is that this could end up to be a black spot on catholicism and its politics, rather then the University of Notre Dame.  Now, I’m catholic, and a huge Notre Dame fan, so I feel comfortable commenting on both.  Catholicism has always been under fire for sometimes being too old fashioned and not “catching up with the times.”  While some diocese are more progressive then others, it still causes people to be critical at some level.  As people are to all religions.  I can appreciate the fact that they are standing up for the basis of morals that Catholics believe in, I just think there might have been a more eloquent way of doing it.

Either way, Notre Dame has not desided to rescind the invite as of now, and it still seems to be business as usual for the commencement speech.  Maybe, those alumni dollars could be a little bit less for next year though.

What to watch while LOST is on a 2 week break

March 9, 2009

What are we gonna do?  In my humble opinion, the best show on T.V. is LOST.  LOST will be going on a 2 week vacation and leaving me at a loss for what to watch on television as we all wait for March Madness.  Don’t worry, Frank-ly Sports is here to help.


The Untouchables 6pm AMC-“It’s the Chicago Way.”  Don’t be a d-bag, DVR it if you have to, but just watch it.

Castle 10pm on ABC-whitty novel writer teams up with city cop to help with research of his next novel.  Nathan Fillion seems to be  a pretty funny guy, as I heard him on the radio stumping for the show today.  It doesn’t look as serious as Law & Order, but people need laughs these days.

Conference Tournaments on ESPN-The Southern, Colonial, West Coast, and Metro-Atlantic conferences are looking to get their tickets punched


World Baseball Classic on ESPN 6pm-If you really need a baseball fix, go for it.  I have had  alot of fun watching the Asian teams go at it, there really are some great players there.  The Dominican Republic and Cuban teams are loaded with talent.


American Idol-This show has really fallen off for me, but people tell me that this has been really close so far, but is taking way to long.  Go ahead and get girlie and indulge.

Big East Tournament 2nd round game-ESPN has it on both networks.  This is the best conference in college hoops. It could give you the edge in your office pool

Jurassic Park III on TNT-C’mon, friggin’ dinosaurs are awesome!


Lakers vs. Spurs 8 pm on TNT-Kobe is making an MVP statement, and the beat up Spurs are riding a Tony Parker wave.  Either way, its sure to be a good one.


Dirty Jobs-always entertaining, always disgusting, always enriching.

ACC tournament on ESPN 2-I’m probably going to watch a little to find out who else can win in this conference that isn’t named North Carolina

Ultimate dude Christmas list…Take notes ladies

December 18, 2008

christmas_treeTis’ the season to be merry, and we hear at Frank-lySports want to do everything in our power to help that.  This time, we are reaching out to our female readers(we might have two), to help them with last minute holiday gifts they can provide for their special someone.  There is probably no chance that any of these are cheap, but hey, its the thought that counts.

Also, I’d like to give a special thanks to the highly intelligent, multi-faceted, control group that helped to brainstorm ideas for the list.  Truly a talented group.

1. Super Bowl tickets-If your beau doesn’t want to go to this game, you should probably kick his ass to the curb anyway.

2.Paid admission to his favorite sports team fantasy camp-Odds are he didn’t play, was to fat, to slow, to white, or quit because of you, so give the guy a chance to live his dream.

3. NCAA Final Four tickets-see explanation to reason one…And yes ladies we are serious about that.

4. Season tickets to his favorite college/pro/minor league team-Just another great way for you to spend time(and money) with each other. They even have half season packages for most teams. Don’t buy the cheap seats either, he didn’t go cheap on your ring did he?

5.Plan a Sports-a-holic trip-Hit a multi-city, or multi-game weekend in a city you both have never been to. Check out the Phoenix Suns and Coyotes in the same week, or a college bowl game and hoops game.  He’ll never forget it and he’ll tell all of his friends.  Great way to break up those bromances ladies.

6. 40+ inch TV, hooked up complete with sports package-NFL Sunday ticket, NASCAR, NBA ticket etc(break up may immediately follow)

7. Panoramic view of his favorite stadium-good for over the fire place in your living room(don’t think he won’t suggest it), office, study, or man cave.

8. Autograph memorabilia of favorite player-personalized-Again with the brownie points.

9. Sports movie collection-There are certain movies that men must have and must watch.  Suggestions: Varsity Blues, The Program, Mighty Ducks, The Natural, Field of Dreams, Friday Night Lights, Hoosiers, Rocky, Tin Cup, Little Giants…Its a big list.

10. Favorite team/player jersey-Accessorize your man for game day, you’ll get tons of “brownie points” for that one.

All we are trying to do here is make you the best wife/girlfriend/friend with benefit/stalker that you can be.  At a minimum, this gives you tons of ammo for all the crappy gifts he’s about to give you.  For crying out loud, make us a list already!

Happy Holidays!

Hello China!

August 15, 2008

Finally, I’m back to grace the pages of Frankly Sports.  Things have really been busy.  My apologies to my faithful readers who have been deprived of my witty expertise and whimsical writing.  I will see what I can serve up for you here.

The Olympics have been underway for a week so far, and damn have they been impressive.  The opening ceremonies were done with the type of precision that took your breath away.  From  drummers counting down the time, to pyrotechnics(some fake, some real), singing, dancing, Tai Chi and of course the torch, the Chinese dressed to impress and showcased Beijing.  I’m not sure if I can pinpoint my favorite spot, but the torch lighting was pretty remarkable.  Even with the uneasy moment of when they lowered the torch bearer into a diagonal position, and I swear he was going to fall to his death.  I think the reconstruction of the birds nest by people dressed in suits that light up.  No doubt it was impressive.  I think that the parade of nations was more interesting then I can ever remember.  With the trying and complex global structure of the world these days, listening to Bob Costas and Matt Lauer explain the detail of each country and how sport plays a roll in their life.  For some, how sport rescued them from their lives.  I was glad that the U.S. didn’t get booed, that was a tense moment for some reason.

So far Beijing has proven to give us some great moments.  Its sure to leave us with plenty more.  Here is a quick list of my favorites thus far:

1. Michael Phelps-That Visa commercial is wrong, the guy is a fish…Why do they even have the events, just give him a fist full of golds, and let him go play guitar hero all day.

2. Mens 4×100 freestyle relay team wins gold-especially after all the trash talk by the Frenchies, that epic last 50 m will go down in history.  Lezak was flying.

3. Mens All-around gymnastics finals-The U.S. men were left for dead in this competition with the Hamm brothers out, but they rallied around a “have fun, no regrets” mantra and were able to get a bronze  medal

4. President Bush-Dubbya was everywhere the first few days, and for once, he really looked like he was having fun. The man loves everything about sports, and I was happy to see him enjoying himself.  The footage of him getting a lesson from Misty May-Treanor was priceless.

5.Dalhauser/Rogers upset-US Mens top team Dalhauser and Rogers were upset in the rain to Lithuania.  That turned the focus even more towards the pool play.

6.Redeam Team does us proud-Kobe, LeBron and D-Wade have been humiliating people, and all is right with the world as we thrash teams by 30 points. We are 3-0, have disposed of China and avenged a loss from 4 years ago to Greece.

Slowly the shift goes from the pool and the gym to the track and hoops.  I’m most excited for the mens 100m dash.  Asafa Powell, Usain Bolt and Tyson Gay will be the headliners as three of the fastest men  on the planet.  Lets hope that the hype of the race is worth it.  Bolt is the latest Jamaican to break the world record, and is making headlines in the track world daily.  Get your popcorn ready for this one, its gonna be good.

The USA basketball team has successfully gotten on the comeback trail, and is on the fast track to the gold medal game. Dwayne Wade has been leading the way with 19 per, but LeBron James’ defense has been on display as of late.  The women have been business as usual, going 3-0 and upping their Olympic streak to 28 games.

I could go on forever about this. There are so many more medals to be one and lost, so many more moments that will be isolated in time forever, and I plan on watching every minute of it.

Top 10 Sports Games of All-Time

July 31, 2008

I miss my Playstation.  This got me thinking about creating a list of games that I loved.  Not just that, but the iconic games that made sports gamers everywhere waste countless hours indoors perfecting them all.

So, here goes…I’m expecting lots of comments on this one.

1.  Tecmo SuperBowl-I remember when I beat my friend Dan with Chrisitain Okoye by breaking the tackle of three guys on his 10 yard line and walked into the endzone.  He preceded to throw the controller and storm out.  How about a little Bo Jackson?  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PBvOxicz-0

2. Madden 2004-Great audibles, and the first to use “Playmaker” technology…Michael Vick was ridiculous in this game

3.Blades of Steal-First hockey game with “real” fighting. You could really mess cats up in it

4. Mario Kart-You know that somehow Mario would get on this list

5. Mike Tyson’s Punchout-Tyson was impossible, but I think the second Piston Honda was also challenging. I loved kicking Glass Joe’s ass though.

6. Duck Hunt-Damn that laughing dog

7. NHLPA Hockey 94-Made famous in the movie Swingers…The wrap around was unstoppable, and you could, “Make little Wayne’s head bleed.”

8. NCAA Football2005-First to have the home field advantage, and my college roomies and I logged a ridiculous amount of time playing and not studying.

9. John Elway Football-way underrated

10.Excite Bike-You could build your own tracks and it was the first break through for MotorCross


Now, I refuse to believe that the gamers out there won’t have some responses out there.  What are some of your favorites?